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flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

Every university student should have a spiffy hat and a half-brick in a sock, right?

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Sometimes even elephants need a day off.

Because I haven’t figured out how to draw the Soul Cake Duck yet, but this, I can do.

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Mmmm, mice.

It’s probably even less upsetting to have a bucket of mice dumped over you if you’re an owl.  Still, Charlie cat didn’t seem so much upset as mildly irritated by his … Continue reading

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Please don’t be frightened.

If you’re younger than I am, it’s possible you won’t know what this cartoon is about and will think something truly horrible, or at least deeply kinky, is going on. … Continue reading

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Temporary tattooed, that is.

Because I’m not against adding art permanently to your skin (unless you’re in theatre and that art is any version of comedy and tragedy masks, in which case, STOP IT. … Continue reading

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Motherf*ing singers.

And actors, and dancers, and anyone I have to schedule fittings with, really. And look, 98% of my current regulars are SPLENDID, so really, the 2% are ruining things for … Continue reading

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Today will be upsetting.

We’ve all been talking about spousal abuse a lot lately, for reasons I’m sure you’re aware of.  I just want to add my voice to the many people asking you … Continue reading

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