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Stare into his unblinking beady gaze.

This is a very specific one-off that may require explanation.  One of my friends recently went to Peru and ate 1/17th of a guinea pig (because she was with 16 … Continue reading

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How could I not draw a badger?

And yes, I do know that the brand Badgly Mischka is made up of two dudes, but how great would it be if their logo was a haughty looking badger … Continue reading

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And she loves a boxy suit.

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And the party will be stripey.

Seriously, who doesn’t love the ridiculous glittery fashion elf who is Betsey Johnson?  She’s like the magical love child of Lisa Frank and Tim Burton, but more awesome.When people talk … Continue reading

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Did I miss a day? Oops.

The days kind of run together when I’m not working a set schedule.  Anyhoo, who wants some tartan? I have Lagerfeld on my list because someone mentioned him, but I … Continue reading

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And ruffles. There should always be ruffles.

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