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Monthly Archives: April, 2014

As usual, Passover themed owls will be late.

Because I get ideas on the holiday, not before the holiday, that’s why. Anyway, here’s this: Is that how this Doge thing works?  It confuses and vaguely frightens me.  Of … Continue reading

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Paper Dolls! (The Endening)

Okay!  So these are available at my Redbubble store, along with all of the other colour ones (I’ll post the b&w sometime soonish), plus Art Nouveau and Zombie dolls!  Click … Continue reading

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OTTER. And some clothes.

I don’t like to pick favourites, but I do really, really like this set.  

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How many ways can you dress a hedgehog?

Apparently ten, at least this time around.

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Um. . . so. . . right.

I got nothing, y’all.  I was out last night watching Das Rheingold: Zardoz v. Barbarella* of all things, and I realized this morning that I haven’t uploaded the colour dolls … Continue reading

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Papierpuppen! Part the third.

These are the ones you haven’t seen yet, right?  Right?  Oh, god, I can’t tell anymore because my brain is filled up with all the ways I might murder our … Continue reading

April 8, 2014 · 1 Comment

Dolls! Made of paper! Part 2.

The pale yellow tab is meant to lap behind her face, to help hold the wig in place.  There’ll be lots more of those on tomorrow’s dolls.  It’s hard making … Continue reading

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Paper dolls! Part 1.

I think I’ll be rolling out the black and white ones first, then the colour versions — I’m planning to put both up on Redbubble and, I guess, Zazzle once … Continue reading

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I didn’t post this one yet, right? Right? I can’t tell anymore.

Or the paper towels, or his tax forms.  Whatever.  Many of my books have little fang marks in the corners because Charlie does not approve of me reading instead of … Continue reading

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Mmmmmm, it’s hedgehoglicious.

The real trick is not poking holes in the pasta.

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