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Weekly thingy and the Seven of Swords/Rumpelstiltskin

I’m pretty tired, so not going to write a lot here – luckily I can safely assume you all know Rumplestiltskin. I had my gall bladder out Thursday, so honestly … Continue reading

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Weekly thingy and the Six of Swords/Death of Arthur

It’s kind of wild that I waited till swords to bring in Arthurian legend and now I’m already on my second card referencing it, but the imagery felt just perfect. … Continue reading

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Weekly thingy and the Five of Swords/The Robber Bridegroom

I was casting around for what to do with this one and sort of thinking about whether it would fit for Bluebeard, which led to me rereading variants and then … Continue reading

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Weekly thingy and the Four of Swords/Sleeping Beauty

Y’all know this story plus I’ve already been through the basics at least once, so I don’t feel like I need to provide a synopsis. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll … Continue reading

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Weekly thingy and the Three of Swords/Koschei’s Heart

MAGICAL TURDUCKEN TIME!!!!!!!!!! I talked about Koschei a while ago so just a quick reminder – his heart/life/soul is hidden on an island, buried under a tree, in a box, … Continue reading

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Weekly-ish thingy and the Two of Swords/East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Back to this story again! It took a little bit longer to work out exactly how I wanted to show the girl in bed waiting for the bear/prince to join … Continue reading

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Weekly thingy and the Ace of Swords/Lady of the Lake

Well, this one was suuuuper obvious, wasn’t it? Honestly I’m prepared to at least see how damp women handing out swords works as a system of government, it seems unlikely … Continue reading

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Weekly thingy and the King of Cups/Red Riding Hood

Two suits down, two to go! I’m going to tackle swords next because I feel like pentacles will actually be the easiest for me, and I want to have that … Continue reading

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Weekly thingy and the Queen of Cups/The Goblin Market

As I mentioned last week, we’re back to The Goblin Market, but this time near the end, when Lizzie returns from braving the danger dripping in faery fruit juice to … Continue reading

June 11, 2022 · 1 Comment

Weekly thingy and oops, all beading.

I’m still theoretically getting the next card drawn this weekend but it depends how on task I am today and tomorrow. But first, I got on a lil crafting kick … Continue reading

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