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On owls and confusion.

So first, a wee little dice bag I put together for L’s birthday.  The owl panel is made from the same pattern as the afghan I made for her wedding; … Continue reading

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It has been a WEEK and I mean that in mostly great ways.  Big good news and lots of fittings at work, renderings and more renderings at home, one big … Continue reading

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Weekly thingy and some damn lazy sewing.

Hello, my squidgy gummy cola bottles!  So you’ve already seen the blouse I made with the leftovers of this fabric, now behold the dress for which I actually bought it! … Continue reading

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The walls, the waaaaaallllllllllsssss.

Excuse the wrinkly wobbliness, wetting and stretching this thing will be the very last step before I work out how to frame it so it’s protected, but the 3-D stitches … Continue reading

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Hiiiiiiiiii, sorry, I suck.  I got NOTHING, y’all.  I’ve been working away on two different show designs and it’s really delightful and fulfilling, which means I’m not left with excess … Continue reading

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Alexander Henry, you delightful scamp.

Are you guys familiar with Alexander Henry fabrics?  You’ve probably seen them even if you didn’t know who the designer was; he does your sexy pinup zombie ladies, your sexy … Continue reading

July 18, 2018 · 6 Comments

More sewing.

I’m back from the northern wilds (or Dallas actually), and I haven’t done much arting over the last few days that’s shareable — I’ve mostly been working on preliminary renderings … Continue reading

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