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Monthly Archives: January, 2016

It’s only forever, but not long enough.

I was going to post Amelia Earhart today, but I’m too sad about David Bowie.  I’m sure you know by now that he’s died/gone back to his home planet/turned into … Continue reading

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It took me way too long to realize that a pine leaf isn’t really leafy.

So, assuming that Pine Leaf and Woman Chief of the Crow nation were the same woman (which seems to mostly be a safe assumption), here’s the short version. She was … Continue reading

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Never has there been a more appropriate use of the ‘this won’t end well’ tag.

Before some dipshit says it, understanding radiation better leads to dying from exposure LESS, so thanks, Marie! Also, there’s another quote from her basically saying, “If you give me a … Continue reading

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Look, I didn’t draw nipples!

And let me tell you, Josephine Baker always looked fabulous, but picking a costume with covered tits really helped narrow down he options. Josephine Baker, I would like to retroactively … Continue reading

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