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Monthly Archives: May, 2020

I know I haven’t commented specifically on a lot of political stuff lately, and it’s a combination of exhaustion and despair and honestly not knowing what to say that I … Continue reading

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Ten days, sorry.  Life got on top of me again, and not in the fun way. This planet’s kind of a lot right now, let’s maybe go celestial with our … Continue reading

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Y’all know what I’m posting by now, right?

But first, SUPER MOOCH! Why is he flying over the Seine, you ask?  Because that’s the first picture I found in my Facebook albums with a good sky.  Whatever, I’m … Continue reading

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More drawings to color! Reasonably child appropriate! Something else with an exclamation point!

I’m rereading Jessica Day George’s ‘Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow’ right now, so ‘East of the Sun, West of the Moon’ is on my mind.  BTW, that’s a gorgeous … Continue reading

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Who likes to color nuuuuudity?

I’m just posting the one today because THIS SHOULD KEEP YOU BUSY.  If you like coloring tiny shapes you’re welcome and if you hate it I’m very very sorry.

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Even more pictures to colour

Who’s the least Grecian Aphrodite ever?  Also, tiny turtles. Seeeeelkie.  I used to always wish to be a selkie if I could become any sort of faery creature.  Then I … Continue reading

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