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Tarot-ing all the day. Cups, Queen and King.

Who’s regal as fuck?  This otter.  HER CUP IS SO FANCY IT DOESN’T EVEN LOOK LIKE A CUP. That thing in his left hand is actually a scepter, but the … Continue reading

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Totally on track! Which is unfortunate, because there’s a train coming. Tarot, Cups Page and Knight.

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Sort of on track! Tarot, 10 of Cups.

Because I failed at scanning any of the seventy-leven drawings I have waiting, you just get the one today.  Still, it’s one with baby penguins, so no bitching, you. I … Continue reading

April 1, 2015 · 1 Comment

Tarot: Whimsical as fuck edition. Cups 6 and seven.

The cute, it burns. I see an elephant!  I see a heffalump!  I see . . a bunch of cups! That’s weird, dude.  You have a strange cup obsession, and … Continue reading

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Ye slightly less old Tarot, but still pretty old, because I’m working ahead. Cups 4 & 5.

I hadn’t planned to have the same character featured alone twice, but Hypersensitive Fox just felt right for both of these, and now t semi-accidentally makes a leetle story.  Also, … Continue reading

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Tarot: Now I’m just being silly. Cups 2 & 3.

You should really be listening to The Thrilling Adventure Hour.  Clink! ABK: “Party!”  MPO: “PARTY!”  NO: “Do you think this drink is safe?  I think I looked away from it … Continue reading

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Tarot: In which I complain about lettering AGAIN, because I am a whiny bitch. Also, King of Pentacles, Ace of Cups.

You know what word is a pain in the ass to write over and over again, in fancy schmancy lettering, when I’m clearly terrible at spacing anyway?  Pentacles.  You know … Continue reading

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