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Drawlloween and a parent with poor judgement.

Unless you, too, were raised by a madman who collects horror movies of the 30s – 60s and has no clue what’s appropriate for a small child to see, you’ll … Continue reading

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Werewolf, Pumpkin, and an update.

In case anyone’s been wondering about that coloring book idea, I haven’t forgotten.  I have only just gotten around to working on it, though, and I can’t leave well enough … Continue reading

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In which I am the scariest thing of all — sick in public.

I’m home sick from work today, so first, huge apologies to everyone I saw yesterday.  I should know by now that an all-day scratchy throat equals sick, not allergies, no … Continue reading

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This is Drawlloween! This is Drawlloween!

Remember when I said I was planning to belatedly do Inktober?  Wrong one.  Inktober is for serious arty folk and Drawlloween is for jackasses who love Halloween and I THINK … Continue reading

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