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Weekly thingy and more kitty.

Colouring in drawings I’ve already finished is super soothing.  It’s also about as much creative energy as I have at the moment.   Places to buy stuff! TEEPUBLIC: mostly t-shirts, … Continue reading

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The world is on fire but at least there are kittens.

I just can’t today.  Everything is terrible and the US is turning more and more into a shitty hellscape and I am exhausted.  Y’all don’t see it here, but I … Continue reading

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In which I make a list and have idle-ish hands. Well, hand.

What’s that saying again – ‘Idle-ish hands are the devil’s skateboard’?  Sounds right. So my left (aka useful hand what are you even doing, righty, you suck at everything but … Continue reading

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Even more desert cats.

I keep thinking this one needs something, but maybe that’s just my usual overwhelming urge to overcomplicate.  Except a signature, it totally needs that.

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Actually, this might be my favourite.   And speaking of furry things, Mooch can’t be trusted to keep his belly thoroughly groomed, so I have to do it for him … Continue reading

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More kitty! More desert! More!

I experimented a few different ways with reins, but there is just NO WAY this kitty is down with a harness on his head.  Whatever, giant desert cat goes where … Continue reading

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Kitty! And too many stars.

No, really, I think I went a little star crazy.

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Can’t move, cat on lap.

  When you reeeeally want to turn off the TV and go to sleep, but you’re TRAPPED.  I think I never published this one?  I drew it ages ago – … Continue reading

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Cartoons AND a weekly thingy, boom!

  This has been a long and busy few ‘vacation’ weeks, and I was out late the last two nights, so I failed at posting.  Here, have two cartoons at … Continue reading

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Charlie’s sitting with his back to me staring fixedly into the closet, and I’m pretty sure it’s a message.

Ye cat-dosing fun continueth.

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