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I made a thing! A wee little thing.

This was going to be the post where I showed you the Ever After High doll I’ve been reworking, but I left her on my desk at work.  Luckily, I … Continue reading

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Naked lady! (But no visible fun bits)

Another little colouring book teaser — rather than just give you black and white versions of the original drawings, I’ve gone back and added detail and backgrounds/decorative borders to a … Continue reading

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Again, two levels for this quote.  Again, not the dress she actually had on for this song.  It’s a companion piece!

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And then with the sads again.

 So I know this isn’t the outfit she wore during the song, but they so frequently made Tara super frumpy that I really wanted her to have her flattering (if … Continue reading

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Willow! The female one, not the one who saved Elora Danaan.

Although in my head, Willow Rosenberg is the very distant descendant of Elora Danaan, and the name got passed down in the family in honor of her hero.  Red headed, … Continue reading

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I started to type out the Buffy theme, but it just looked like I was screwing up the Batman theme.

Oooh, Buffy meets Batman!  I think she would have deeply limited patience for him, deity her taste for brooding dudes.   If you want to own it, check out Redbubble … Continue reading

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And then I drew Scoobies.

Giles is challenging.  He’s just not a red and blue kind if dude.  Also, if that’s not the Oz werewolf you were expecting, keep in mind that his appearance varied … Continue reading

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Firefly again, but this time with PAIN.

Just the way Joss likes it.

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And then back to Firefly, because Firefly.

This one’s been sitting in my sketchbook waiting to be finished for ages, because it was really hard to decide what colour that fabric is.  If you don’t think it’s … Continue reading

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Things that aren’t tarot cards! Or owls! Which might be the only reasons you follow me, so oops. But Firefly!

Does it help if I say that there’s an owl in tomorrow’s drawing?  An owl that’s actually a goblin king that’s actually David Bowie? Anyway, you can buy your own … Continue reading

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