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In which Lydia loves balls. THERE, ARE YOU HAPPY? I DID THE THING.

Dammit, Lydia!

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In which Mrs. Bennett’s Machiavellian scheme succeeds.

It’s always easy to think of her as an idiot, but did she or did she not get Jane living at Netherfield?  I mean, okay, people legit died from getting … Continue reading

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The Bingley siblings, at a winter’s ball . . .

I didn’t have a good character on hand for Darcy, so meet the meerkat!  Longtime readers will recognize Red Panda and Schadenfreude Seahorse.    

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Tarot in yo FACE (because it’s face cards. I’m not funny.) Page and Knightof Swords.

He’s supposed to be posed dashingly with his sword, but I’m pretty sure he’s actually golfing.

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Tarot #18, The Moon.

And then I replaced a dog, a wolf, and a lobster with a red panda, a fox, and a jellyfish.  And there was a great rejoicing.

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Tarot #11, Justice.

Which obviously needed to be Red Panda.  I did hesitate about putting him in a crown, but I decided he’d find it acceptable, since it’s the idea of justice, rather … Continue reading

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Tarot #10, Wheel of Fortune.

I resisted the urge to have a sequin-gown-clad MPO spinning the wheel.  I think you should be proud of me. Also, this card kicked my ass.  Again with the really … Continue reading

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Okay, maybe THIS is my favourite month. I’m fickle.

April, because of the showers.  And technically there are totally flowers in the May drawing, so yay!  Unintentional internal consistency for the win!

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The final panda! Like the final countdown, but fuzzy. And reddish. And adorable.

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Even moar pandas. . . that aren’t pandas. Darn my punctilious nature.

  They trained them with a stick with a red ball on the end — touch the ball, get a treat.  Was that already obvious?

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