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Monthly Archives: March, 2013


  So yesterday started off slow — I was going to go to my parents’ house, do laundry, visit Skippy the Cat and (if she’d let me) Meg the Grumpy … Continue reading

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Cue the sad Vince Guaraldi music.


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Tiny ink dots, in my wine, make it taste like ink. . . never mind.

Although he is feeling a little scattered lately.  Ba-dum-ching. Seriously, brace yourselves — there’s a slew of art history-related owls a-comin’, because I am on a leetle bit of a … Continue reading

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He reeeeeally should have checked the Yelp reviews first.

Once again giving the ‘this won’t end well’ and ‘terrible ideas’ tags a workout.

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Sometimes work makes me feel like this.

And by sometimes, I mean basically every day, frequently multiple times a day.  It’s a wonder I don’t get stabby sometimes, although the fact that I apologize to chairs when … Continue reading

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In a hideous dress, dyed shoes, and a floppy hat.

So here’s another chance to share random stories.  I’ve been trying for a while now to convince somebody to get married at Chuck-E Cheese’s, because I don’t know why.  Just … Continue reading

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I know his leg is going the wrong direction, but that’s how his knees bend.

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