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Monthly Archives: March, 2013

He reeeeeally should have checked the Yelp reviews first.

Once again giving the ‘this won’t end well’ and ‘terrible ideas’ tags a workout.

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Sometimes work makes me feel like this.

And by sometimes, I mean basically every day, frequently multiple times a day.  It’s a wonder I don’t get stabby sometimes, although the fact that I apologize to chairs when … Continue reading

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In a hideous dress, dyed shoes, and a floppy hat.

So here’s another chance to share random stories.  I’ve been trying for a while now to convince somebody to get married at Chuck-E Cheese’s, because I don’t know why.  Just … Continue reading

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I know his leg is going the wrong direction, but that’s how his knees bend.

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The Nerd in the Hat

In case you wondered why I had a tiny cat sized velvet tophat lying around, I also make things like this:   There’s clearly a progression here from not too … Continue reading

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Holding still is hard, y’all.

Which I realize is a weird thing to say, since part of Neurotic Owl’s deal is that he barely moves, but still.  Anyway, I meant him to just be peeking … Continue reading

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A pretty, pretty princess.

Just in case I’m starting to confuse people with these, he really is a boy.  He just likes wearing pretty things sometimes.

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His voice cracks on the V’ahavta, but he’s especially good a Baruch Hooooo.

There. I made a terrible bilingual owl pun.  You’re welcome, internet.

March 13, 2013 · 1 Comment

Nor does he sparkle.

Or watch high school girls sleep and draw them.  Seriously, how does anyone not find that creepy? Funny story, though — between being part Hungarian, having no surviving grandparents (for … Continue reading

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As Tim Gunn would say, edit!

Every cut was like a sword through his heart.     It was hard.  Editing novel/So many little word deaths/ Why do I do this?  

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