Neurotic Owl

flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

In a hideous dress, dyed shoes, and a floppy hat.


So here’s another chance to share random stories.  I’ve been trying for a while now to convince somebody to get married at Chuck-E Cheese’s, because I don’t know why.  Just think about it – you could get married in the ball pit by an animatronic bear and throw the bouquet up the skee-ball!  And everyone gets game tokens and terrible, terrible pizza.

And then I was a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding (not at Chuck-E Cheese at all), and I had the bestest idea in the whole wide world.  Cookie bouquet.  Cookie.  Bouquet.  I would also accept an edible arrangement if you prefer chocolate dipped fruit, but ideally cookies.  It gives the wedding party something to munch on during the ceremony, and turns the bouquet toss at the end into even more of a Hunger Games-style throwdown as the bride hurls a bundle of sharpened, pointy sticks at her single friends.  Seriously, the first person to make this happen gets a hug from my cat.  Anyway, that’s part of how we the bridesmaids became the Maid of Honour/Maid of Win, Maid of the Same DNA, Maid in Oregon, and Maid of Cookies.

I should totally switch careers and become a wedding planner if I didn’t hate being in charge of things and suck at scheduling.


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