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Monthly Archives: February, 2016

And now a leetle story.

Some of you already know this.  Sorry. Once upon a time, in a land called my apartment, I was looking at Twitter to see whether it was really interesting enough … Continue reading

February 26, 2016 · Leave a comment

Fear of falling? Or flinging? Something.

Mild trigger warning?  It’s probably not an issue unless you’re reading blogs while on top of high buildings or ladders, so don’t do that.       A friend was talking … Continue reading

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Happy discount chocolate eve, everybody!

Sure, fine, I’m not getting laid tonight, but I won’t have to share this box of half-price Russell Stovers, either.  Life is about checks and balances.

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Literary grudge holders, unite!

Reposting an old drawing because I got into a passionate rant today about Edmund Pevensey and why HE SUCKS, because I take stories and candy seriously, y’all. All my love … Continue reading

February 11, 2016 · 2 Comments

I’ve lost all sense of time.

  I know, it’s Saturday, but I worked many many hours today, which makes it sort of my Friday?  Except I still have to be at work Monday.  Anyway, more … Continue reading

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Playing with dolls again.

I’m just miserably sick and exhausted and I have accomplished nothing so far this week besides dragging my pathetic ass to work and back and general cat care.  So I … Continue reading

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