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Literary grudge holders, unite!

Reposting an old drawing because I got into a passionate rant today about Edmund Pevensey and why HE SUCKS, because I take stories and candy seriously, y’all.

All my love for Alan Rickman aside, Severus Snape is a jerk and I am not okay with him.  How long will I hold that grudge?  Always.

Tinker Bell absolutely tries to get Wendy shot; in fact, she succeeds!  Cute little fluffy homicidal fairy, this is not how we deal with jealousy.  Wendy’s damned irritating, I know, but not enough to merit an arrow to the heart.

And Edmund.  Ok, you betray Peter, and I’m pretty mad, but I can deal with you.  You betray Susan and my anger grows.  But you betrayed LUCY.  For TURKISH DELIGHT, which is just a deeply substandard candy, and so into the dickhead pool you go forever and ever.

Anyway, my long held anger at Edmund and his pathetic candy betrayal led to a chart of which candies WOULD be good enough to betray a sibling for.  Behold:


2 comments on “Literary grudge holders, unite!

  1. CallMeLisa
    February 11, 2016

    My glob this is perfect

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