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Monthly Archives: June, 2013

I’m giving you a Saturday cartoon because I missed Friday. Also, I’m going to try to sell you things.

I may go wild and do a more traditional Saturday post tomorrow.  Chaos!  Insanity!  Slight scheduling changes! I went to Ladies’ Night at Eighthththth Dimension Comics after work last night, … Continue reading

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He needed a break after last night.

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Next week, Texas filibuster rules will include a requirement to do this:

Because, seriously, could they stack the deck any more against us?  In case you’ve missed the last 100 and something posts, I’m a woman, a Texan, and a liberal, not … Continue reading

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When Neurotic Owl makes tea, he goes all out. Then he worries that maybe you would have preferred coffee.

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Today on Neurotic Owl, we find out whether you can really make a bomb out of bat guano and fruit loops.

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Of course, Manic Pixie Otter would also be happy to oblige.

Just got home/unpacked my remaining shinies from ApolloCon.  The Masquerade is over, so that’s one enormous weight off — on to my other two/three jobs!  I had fun & made … Continue reading

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Saturday! Book suggestions, since I’m busy and such.

Let’s see.  I just finished Prepare to Die, by Paul Tobin.   It’s fantastic, especially if, like me, you like your superheroes with a side of moral ambivalence. Sheri Tepper’s … Continue reading

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And now back to your regularly scheduled cartoons, which don’t have to rhyme.

Hooray!  If I do eventually do a counting book with Manic Pixie Otter, remind me that doing it in rhymed couplets is a dumb plan.  I’ll still do it, but … Continue reading

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Fiiiinally, Neurotic Owlphabet: the part after 12. AKA the end.

I’m only 34, but I’m a darn crotchety 34. Just to be clear, the scary part of this isn’t the zombies — it’s being stuck at a dance party.  Alone.  … Continue reading

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More bookmarks!

Much like winter, Y and Z are coming.  Until then: As it happens. I actually read and write really well upside down.  I think it’s a left-handed thing.  I felt … Continue reading

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