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Next week, Texas filibuster rules will include a requirement to do this:


Because, seriously, could they stack the deck any more against us?  In case you’ve missed the last 100 and something posts, I’m a woman, a Texan, and a liberal, not in that order, and I could not be more pissed at the shady shit the Republicans are continually trying to pull, or more amazed by the sheer awesomeness of Wendy Davis and her supporters.  We have till Monday to continue to own our vaginas, when Rick Perry will be raising this shit AGAIN, because he is a douche (full of vinegar and bad for women).  Fuck you, Perry, Dewhurst, and your weaselly ilk — DOMA is down, equality is growing,  and your petty ass chicanery will not stand.  Fight on, lady part defenders!

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