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Monthly Archives: August, 2014

No mules were harmed in the making of this doodle.

And before you shriek in horror, a muleskinner in this context is just a dude (or chick, presumably) who drives mules.  A muleteer, if you will.  Like a Rocketeer but … Continue reading

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As God is mah witness, I will never wear curtains again!

I promise, I’m definitely going to draw a more legit Bob Mackie cartoon, but thinking about what represents the ultimate Mackie design led me straight past sparkly dresses and Cher-wear … Continue reading

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Ugh, you guys.  So last week I had family visiting town from Wednesday to Saturday (yay! {but also eek!  time consuming!}) and also had to empty out and scrub the … Continue reading

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Lucy!!!!! No, the other one.

Because I wants to see Lucy the action movie, but I think it’s best I do so in private, where my loud groans every time someone says, “ten percent of … Continue reading

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Today will have to be a brave day.

So, full disclosure, the amazing leggings I got were free, because my awesome friend Katie of Lineage Wear needed plus size brand ambassadors (basically, pictures of my big butt wearing … Continue reading

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I thiiiink his proportions don’t quite work for this.

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Because costumes for the playground are just what we do.

Not entirely coincidentally, I just finished a Susan Vreeland book about Renoir and his models during the time that he was painting ‘Le Dejeuner des Canotiers’, but now I want … Continue reading

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