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Monthly Archives: August, 2014

No mules were harmed in the making of this doodle.

And before you shriek in horror, a muleskinner in this context is just a dude (or chick, presumably) who drives mules.  A muleteer, if you will.  Like a Rocketeer but … Continue reading

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As God is mah witness, I will never wear curtains again!

I promise, I’m definitely going to draw a more legit Bob Mackie cartoon, but thinking about what represents the ultimate Mackie design led me straight past sparkly dresses and Cher-wear … Continue reading

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Ugh, you guys.  So last week I had family visiting town from Wednesday to Saturday (yay! {but also eek!  time consuming!}) and also had to empty out and scrub the … Continue reading

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Lucy!!!!! No, the other one.

Because I wants to see Lucy the action movie, but I think it’s best I do so in private, where my loud groans every time someone says, “ten percent of … Continue reading

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Today will have to be a brave day.

So, full disclosure, the amazing leggings I got were free, because my awesome friend Katie of Lineage Wear needed plus size brand ambassadors (basically, pictures of my big butt wearing … Continue reading

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I thiiiink his proportions don’t quite work for this.

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Because costumes for the playground are just what we do.

Not entirely coincidentally, I just finished a Susan Vreeland book about Renoir and his models during the time that he was painting ‘Le Dejeuner des Canotiers’, but now I want … Continue reading

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Never go in against an eight-year-old when flowers are on the line.

Or a Sicilian when death is.  Vizzini might not take you down, but Sophia totally will. She’s killed before. Since I seem to be on a wedding kick, I remembered … Continue reading

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Congratulations, Siky Butch & the Wife!

This is a very specific cartoon for two very awesome ladies who got married Saturday, so apologies if it doesn’t mean much to anybody else.  Cute, though, yeah?

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Which is why there are big red scratches on my cleavage right now.

My Charlie cat is sweet and lovable and charming and clumsy as all hell.  He never scratches me on purpose, but he loves being on my lap or my shoulder, … Continue reading

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