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As God is mah witness, I will never wear curtains again!


I promise, I’m definitely going to draw a more legit Bob Mackie cartoon, but thinking about what represents the ultimate Mackie design led me straight past sparkly dresses and Cher-wear to the most brilliant design ever: the Carol Burnett Scarlett O’Hara sketch.  It’s just so simple and delightful and lovely!  It tells a story, it creates the joke, and oh, god, someday I want to do something this great.  (I also want to grow up to be Carol Burnett, and have since I was about 7, but 28 years later, I may have to let that dream die).

I sincerely doubt that this clip is viewable anywhere free, or I’d totally link to it.  Feel free to prove me wrong with information, internets!  Also, feel free to use whatever power and influence you may have to get the Carol Burnett Show released on DVD, dammit.  The specials are not enough.


UPDATE: Moments after I posted this, K (two kids K, not the other Ks) posted a link, and it is GLORIOUS!  I know what I’m doing tonight.


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