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Monthly Archives: January, 2014

With his mother-of-pearl opera glasses. Because he’s classy, that’s why.

Usually when I go to a show I end up drawing something related to said show during intermission, but since this was drawn while my mom and I were at … Continue reading

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If you’re not from Texas and don’t know why he’s wearing pink(ish) sneakers, sorry.

If you ARE from Texas, w00t!  That means you can vote for Wendy Davis, and since I am in no way unbiased, I’m telling you to do that.  Vote Wendy!  … Continue reading

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Also, I missed that terrible spacing. I totally meant to fix that. Oops.

You know how, sometimes you’re shopping for a birthday present for your friend J, and then you see a plushy stuffed beaver and think, “That’s a thing J needs!”  Then, … Continue reading

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Better late than never, especially if you’re worried you’re pregnant.

So technically his birthday was January 20th, but I am procrastinatey and also indecisive.  Anyway, first I drew this one, but it just didn’t seem festive enough: So I festiv’d … Continue reading

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I wish I had.


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I really just want excuses to draw puffy animals ALL THE TIME.

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I swear I’m not an owl hoarder.

Remember when, shortly after I started this blogtoon, I said that I don’t collect owls, am not obsessed with owls, and don’t want to end up owning thousands of owl … Continue reading

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Teehee. Blushing owls are the cutest owls.

So, I have been known to read the occasional romance novel, particularly if it’s a. by Georgette Heyer, or b. involves some combination of the Regency period, girls disguised as … Continue reading

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He’s really good at that part where you don’t move your upper body.

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At some point I will probably hear from the original Guilt Ninja about this, and this will be the gist of that conversation.

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