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Monthly Archives: January, 2014

Without the image, that caption would sound awfully inappropriate.

Actually, even with the image it does if you’ve somehow missed the cultural juggernaut that was Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’.  You should go watch that.  There are singing crabs and … Continue reading

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Speaking of crossplay:

She looks oddly natural with a cigar.  By the way, at some point soonish I’m planning to make paper dolls of Neurotic Owl, Manic Pixie Otter, and Food Truck Hedgehog, … Continue reading

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Apparently I forgot to put the border on one of these. I feel really guilty about that.


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New character!

I know, I’m breaking the mold by doing a human (who isn’t besotted with a douchebag unicorn), but here’s how this happened. I was visiting I and M with my … Continue reading

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TRIGGER WARNING if you’re a hair puller.

I swear I’m not this bad — I get obsessive about snapping off split ends, which is why I really need to keep up with haircuts, and while I don’t … Continue reading

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Prepare yourself for ranting.

(This is an old cartoon, but it suits my topic for today) So I had fun at Space City Con this weekend, although more hanging out with my friends and … Continue reading

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These are not cartoons.

Since I’m home sick today and don’t feel like writing anything that makes sense, and most of my current cartoons involve at least mini-rants, have these pictures of Tiny Rogue … Continue reading

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If I were braver, this is where I’d show you a picture of my hands, but I’m not.

Suffice it to say that I still bite my nails, a lot. Oh, by the way, sorry I’ve been away for a few days — I was at a science … Continue reading

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Here’s someone we haven’t seen in a while.

Has anyone else ever watched a children’s show called ‘Big, Big World’?  It’s great.  There’s a giant sloth puppet who’s a leetle bit stoned-seeming all the time and an intensely … Continue reading

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Holy shit, y’all. Apparently people love depressing blog posts on New Year’s Day.

I glanced at the site stats as I was logging on and found a nearly unprecedented number of views, although it’s possible my friends are just double-checking things a lot … Continue reading

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