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Monthly Archives: January, 2014

Teehee. Blushing owls are the cutest owls.

So, I have been known to read the occasional romance novel, particularly if it’s a. by Georgette Heyer, or b. involves some combination of the Regency period, girls disguised as … Continue reading

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He’s really good at that part where you don’t move your upper body.

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At some point I will probably hear from the original Guilt Ninja about this, and this will be the gist of that conversation.

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Without the image, that caption would sound awfully inappropriate.

Actually, even with the image it does if you’ve somehow missed the cultural juggernaut that was Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’.  You should go watch that.  There are singing crabs and … Continue reading

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Speaking of crossplay:

She looks oddly natural with a cigar.  By the way, at some point soonish I’m planning to make paper dolls of Neurotic Owl, Manic Pixie Otter, and Food Truck Hedgehog, … Continue reading

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Apparently I forgot to put the border on one of these. I feel really guilty about that.


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New character!

I know, I’m breaking the mold by doing a human (who isn’t besotted with a douchebag unicorn), but here’s how this happened. I was visiting I and M with my … Continue reading

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