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Here’s someone we haven’t seen in a while.


Has anyone else ever watched a children’s show called ‘Big, Big World’?  It’s great.  There’s a giant sloth puppet who’s a leetle bit stoned-seeming all the time and an intensely neurotic anteater named Bob who loves ants fiercely and obsessively and weirdly, to the extent that I’m not sure he actually eats them.  Anyway, I was chatting with a friend about that show for reasons, so then this.

Oh, hey, a picture!

PBS IT'S A BIG BIG WORLD  Group shot in branches

Bob’s the worried looking one on the right.  He might be my spirit animal, if that were a thing I believed in and also if he were an animal and not an empty shell of a puppet.  Oh, wait. . . maybe I was right the first time.

Sad trombone.

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