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Monthly Archives: April, 2016

I made a thing and now I am DONE.

This is from a Simplicity pattern and ha!  Ha I say!  I am an experienced stitcher lady who balks at neither corset nor chiffon, and this bitch made me weep … Continue reading

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Did I show y’all this? I can’t remember.

Teehee.  Someone start the countdown, this is definitely going to get me in some sort of trouble.

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I do doodle.

I’m not sure if I should always be given a pencil and paper during meetings which only partially involve me, or never.  I am an inveterate doodler at the best … Continue reading

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Weekly thingy and another lady of awesomeness!

A friend suggested James Tiptree Jr. (or, really, Alice B. Sheldon), and I’m so glad, because now I have SO MANY new things to read.  Sheldon wrote as Tiptree starting … Continue reading

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Dance, ballerina! Or whoever, really.

Going to dance performances can be hard for me.  I’m not as sad as I used to be that I had to give up dancing, because I’m 37 years old … Continue reading

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What can I say?  Sometimes I take a friend to the comic book store. BTW, I would LOVE for someone to make a full-size ball pit of giant dice, but … Continue reading

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Remember when I used to do this thing?

Y’all know by now I get on these kicks, right?  Like, deep into drawing for weeks, then oooh! dolls!, then crocheting for dolls!, then maybe I get distracted by a … Continue reading

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