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Dance, ballerina! Or whoever, really.

Going to dance performances can be hard for me.  I’m not as sad as I used to be that I had to give up dancing, because I’m 37 years old (gasp) and, even if I had had a career, it would be over or winding down now.  37 seemed much further away when I was 16.

Still, watching amazing professional dancers reminds me of what I had, and what I gave up, and that I was NEVER as good as the least of them.  I was ok.  With the right body, I might have made it into a small local company as a part-timer.  With the body I had, I would have had to be outstandingly talented to get anywhere at all, and I just wasn’t.  To be clear, the body I had wasn’t exactly huge, although I thought it was at the time.

(16 years old, a giant monster in my own mind.)

ANYWAY, that’s why, as much as I love watching the ballet, I just can’t escape some mixed feelings.  Being a dancer was so much of my identity until it wasn’t anymore.

All of which is a huge downer and not at all what I meant to say, because look!  Drawing!


If you don’t know about the spectacular Lauren Anderson, you just should, ok?  The first black prima ballerina of a major American company, she was a joy and a privelege to watch dance.  Now that she’s retired, she’s spreading the joy, doing wonderful outreach work teaching kids to love moving and making art more accessible to underpriveleged children.

Also, I was always too shy to speak to any of the dancers when Mom and I went back to the green room all those years, but Lauren is 50 feet of personality in a teensy little body, and she made a point of engaging me in conversation more than once, to my great terror and delight. Kindness, yo.  It’s the best.

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