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Monthly Archives: July, 2016

Can someone please get current goths into this? I would appreciate it.

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Weekly thingy, now with 30% more sadface! (But also some happyface, where are you going?)

  I am not in general looking for a meal ticket, but if anyone would like to find me a man who is charming and handsome and loves a chubby … Continue reading

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Hi again.

I’m still in a pretty rough place mourning my Charlie.  I go back and forth between numb and weepy, and every time I catch movement out of the corner of … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye.

Not to you guys, but to my Charlie cat. Most of y’all know he’s been sick.  The last diagnosis was that it was either IBD or lymphoma, and the first … Continue reading

July 19, 2016 · 2 Comments

In which I am a mean kitty mom.

Charlie is staying on the steroids for at least two more months, so not only is he a prisoner in my home with no yard priveleges, he’s also being held … Continue reading

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A little spot of silliness.

I’ve felt weird about posting cartoons the last few days, but I also think maybe we need a little moment away from sadness and horror and outrage before we burn … Continue reading

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Soooo many cartoons.

I have a stack, but I’m about to use a bunch up at once because they really only work as a set.  Anyway:

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Cartoons AND a weekly thingy, boom!

  This has been a long and busy few ‘vacation’ weeks, and I was out late the last two nights, so I failed at posting.  Here, have two cartoons at … Continue reading

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