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Monthly Archives: October, 2015

Quoth the raven, “Yo, whaddup?”

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Drawlloween and a parent with poor judgement.

Unless you, too, were raised by a madman who collects horror movies of the 30s – 60s and has no clue what’s appropriate for a small child to see, you’ll … Continue reading

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Drawlloween again?

Haunted house, zombie.  The real difficulty I’m having with this list is that I’ve already done cartoons about so many of the topics.  It’s forcing me to think of new … Continue reading

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Werewolf, Pumpkin, and an update.

In case anyone’s been wondering about that coloring book idea, I haven’t forgotten.  I have only just gotten around to working on it, though, and I can’t leave well enough … Continue reading

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In which I am the scariest thing of all — sick in public.

I’m home sick from work today, so first, huge apologies to everyone I saw yesterday.  I should know by now that an all-day scratchy throat equals sick, not allergies, no … Continue reading

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Marvel at my psychic powers!

More Drawlloween in a minute, but first, I need to share this thing.  This is the very first Manic Pixie Otter post, originally published in January of 2013, which proves … Continue reading

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This is Drawlloween! This is Drawlloween!

Remember when I said I was planning to belatedly do Inktober?  Wrong one.  Inktober is for serious arty folk and Drawlloween is for jackasses who love Halloween and I THINK … Continue reading

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I break for opera. (Braking for opera would just be weird.)

More cartoons are coming, but I saw Tosca last night, and I have THOUGHTS.  First of all, it was beautiful and glorious and if you’re in the Houston area, you … Continue reading

October 21, 2015 · 1 Comment

Back to Paris for a smiling lady.

I am SO grateful that my mother did not find it necessary to enter the scrum directly in front of the Mona Lisa.  If you haven’t been to the Louvre, … Continue reading

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Technically this isn’t Paris.

If you’re ever in Paris and you only get to make one day trip, the obvious one is Versailles, but I think Giverney is even better.  It’s Monet’s house and … Continue reading

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