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Monthly Archives: October, 2015

I break for opera. (Braking for opera would just be weird.)

More cartoons are coming, but I saw Tosca last night, and I have THOUGHTS.  First of all, it was beautiful and glorious and if you’re in the Houston area, you … Continue reading

October 21, 2015 · 1 Comment

Back to Paris for a smiling lady.

I am SO grateful that my mother did not find it necessary to enter the scrum directly in front of the Mona Lisa.  If you haven’t been to the Louvre, … Continue reading

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Technically this isn’t Paris.

If you’re ever in Paris and you only get to make one day trip, the obvious one is Versailles, but I think Giverney is even better.  It’s Monet’s house and … Continue reading

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What, Paris again?

We technically only went to the museum portion of the Pompidou, since it’s also a concert venue and probably a few other things.  Also, it looks like a giant ship. … Continue reading

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More Paris! Specifically, the Marais, for chocolate and dolls.

My cousin B sent us to Jacques Genin Chocolaterie, and I was questioning her choices a bit, because EXPENSIVE.  But then they brought our lemon-basil tart, and our tasting selection … Continue reading

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Neurotic Owl goes to Paris!

The Musee d’Orsay is filled with beautiful and magical art, but also, it’s a former train station, which means you can go stand in a giant clock window and look … Continue reading

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The Mooch, page one.

Or, how I adopted a kitten like a moron immediately after expensive car repairs and before an unpaid week in Paris, so please go buy something, ideally from my etsy … Continue reading

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