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Monthly Archives: October, 2015

What, Paris again?

We technically only went to the museum portion of the Pompidou, since it’s also a concert venue and probably a few other things.  Also, it looks like a giant ship. … Continue reading

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More Paris! Specifically, the Marais, for chocolate and dolls.

My cousin B sent us to Jacques Genin Chocolaterie, and I was questioning her choices a bit, because EXPENSIVE.  But then they brought our lemon-basil tart, and our tasting selection … Continue reading

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Neurotic Owl goes to Paris!

The Musee d’Orsay is filled with beautiful and magical art, but also, it’s a former train station, which means you can go stand in a giant clock window and look … Continue reading

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The Mooch, page one.

Or, how I adopted a kitten like a moron immediately after expensive car repairs and before an unpaid week in Paris, so please go buy something, ideally from my etsy … Continue reading

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Road Trip: the endening.

People are always astonished, not only at how throughly the crazy hits, but how quickly and thoroughly it gets fixed.  Half a pack of peanut butter crackers (or in this … Continue reading

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Road trip. Shit gets real, yo.

I’ll be back with the ending, but not till the week after next.  I’m going to be out of pocket next week, so don’t expect to see anything here in … Continue reading

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Road trip: The Downward Spiral.

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