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Monthly Archives: November, 2015

Dragons AND cats. I am the internets!

As you probably didn’t notice, I took last week off from carblogging or blogtooning or whatever this is, and it was GLORIOUS.  Also, it gave me a chance to get … Continue reading

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The Mooch, page five.

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The Mooch, page 4. Almost done!

I know, you’re supposed to keep them in separate rooms and introduce them gradually, but A: my apartment’s pretty wee, B: Charlie’s always been super friendly and never aggressive to … Continue reading

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The Mooch, page 3

I still have mixed feelings about this page. Sorry, hope it’s okay.

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The Mooch, page 2

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What, kittens again?

Who am I kidding?  This is the internet, there are never enough kittens.  I’ve already posted this page a while back, but I’m finally ready to post the rest, so … Continue reading

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And we end with a dragon.

Bye, Drawlloween!  See you next year, unless I’m distracted by something else by then!

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Scarecrows and spiders and owls, oh my!

No, seriously.  Even if they seem dead, they’re probably just plotting my ultimate demise.

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Can’t talk, reading.

Jenny Trout (Abigail Barnette) just released ‘The Baby’, so I’m kind of desperate to get back to that.  As usual, it’s outstanding, though I don’t recommend it if you’re not … Continue reading

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Yes, I do know it’s November. HALLOWEEN LIVES FOREVER IN MY HEART.

Mummy, rat.  Almost done, I promise!

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