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Monthly Archives: March, 2014

Buffering. Or maybe fluffering. Wait, no, that’s something else.

“The TV never needs to load.” – Lord Charlie Roundbelly of Lickington

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See? It’s a happy one!

Which, if my friend V who coined this phrase could, in fact, make a mix for the orgasmic mushroom soup she fed us last weekend, I would not care what … Continue reading

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This is infinitely creepier than I meant it to be. Also, FAQs!

Seriously, I was going for cute.  She’s not stealing the baby permanently, she just wants to hold it and sing to it and possibly sniff its head and play with … Continue reading

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Actually, really frequent stress criers know that you do it INSIDE the stall, but I didn’t feel like drawing him on the toilet.

The sink is for when you’re pretty sure you’re done crying, so you go splash cold water on your face to try to look less like you’ve been hysterically sobbing, … Continue reading

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Just cast a snowy owl, you!

This came up several times recently, both because underrepresentation of people of colour in theatre is always an issue, and because the opera company I work for announced next year’s … Continue reading

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A few days back L coined the term ‘britster’ (like an Anglophile, but with more irony), and then was immediately horrified by what she had wrought and demanded that no … Continue reading

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For the purposes of today, pretend he’s a lady owl, because while there certainly are a few men in the world who try to squeeze into the tiniest space possible … Continue reading

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They’re certainly not in mine.

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It’s an eye-searing world of horror. And dolphins. And Trapper-Keepers.

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A baby cried into a phone at me earlier, and I know exactly how he felt.

Apparently I did not fully upload the cartoons I thought I uploaded, but that’s okay, because this is how I feel today.  Sorry for the rerun, but aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh. Can I … Continue reading

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