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This is infinitely creepier than I meant it to be. Also, FAQs!


Seriously, I was going for cute.  She’s not stealing the baby permanently, she just wants to hold it and sing to it and possibly sniff its head and play with fat baby toes.  While they’re attached to fat baby, not separately.  Oh, god.   Sadly, when I replaced her eyes with hearts (in fine Tex Avery tradition), her face became a mask of horror.  In fact, I went back and added the pink, because the solid black hearts were even creepier.

Aaanyway, I sometimes forget that not everyone watches me drawing these/was present at their inception, so here’s a few answers to things I’ve been asked off and on:

1. The originals are nearly always drawn in pen, because I like drawing in pen.  I have done a few in pencil first, if they’re really complicated, but you can tell which ones because the pencil lines never really totally erase.

2. All of these are done on 2.5″x3.5″ cardstock (artist trading cards, basically), unless they’re clearly a special format, like the larger candy chart, the Mucha, and the encaustic.

3. I don’t make any money off of this to speak of.  It’s fun when people buy things from Redbubble or Zazzle or wherever because it lets me know how much they like it, but I take a very small commission on those sales and don’t receive anything till I hit at least $20 worth of earnings, which I haven’t yet.  That’s not a complaint — I don’t spend much on this either, I just thought you’d like to know.

4. I do retain the rights to my artwork.  In practice, I can’t stop you from sharing without attributing or printing things out instead of buying prints, but please, don’t be a dick.  I love when people pin or share my images, as long as they link back to the blog or state clearly where they came from.

Any other questions?

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