Neurotic Owl

flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

Actually, really frequent stress criers know that you do it INSIDE the stall, but I didn’t feel like drawing him on the toilet.


The sink is for when you’re pretty sure you’re done crying, so you go splash cold water on your face to try to look less like you’ve been hysterically sobbing, but then you start crying again, because once you start, it’s damn hard to stop.  It’s also basically impossible to not start, so yay!. . . sad trombone.

Did I mention that our designer is horrible and a monster?  I think I did, but whatever, I’m reiterating.  EVERYBODY HATES HER.  Anyway, no big stress tears this week — just a low-level all day headache/nausea/light sensitivity that means my body really wants to hit me with a migraine, but I’m fighting it off so far with Pain-Aid and plenty of water.  I’ll be really glad when it’s 7:00 and I can go the hell home, though.

I’ll post something funny tomorrow.  Maybe.

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