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Monthly Archives: May, 2017

Ugh, this guy.

Dammit, Lydia, cover that ankle. I feel like a lot of this depends on a prior knowledge of who the characters are, and it’s been a long time since some … Continue reading

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Oops, rewind.

I legitimately forgot that I had these, and they obviously should have happened before the ball. And after the ball: Anyway, next up, the Bennett girls go for a walk … Continue reading

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The Bingley siblings, at a winter’s ball . . .

I didn’t have a good character on hand for Darcy, so meet the meerkat!  Longtime readers will recognize Red Panda and Schadenfreude Seahorse.    

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Won’t somebody have a thought to my nerves?

Taking a brief break on LOTR while I refresh my memory and decide which bits to draw, so on to Pride and Prejudice and Otters! Next time: actual plot!

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One does not simply walk. . .

So in case you either weren’t around when this happened or haven’t memorized every ridiculous thing I’ve ever drawn, I’m reposting the (kind of shitty and scribbly) schematic of Manic … Continue reading

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The story continues. . .

Next up, time to get the fellowship together.  If it hurts you that I’m combining elements, please feel free to assume that Neurotic Owl has a nephew of the same … Continue reading

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In which I start a thing.

All mysterious rings found in mysterious and out-of-the-way places are BAD NEWS, that’s all there is to it.  Purists please note: this is going to be a ridiculous combination of … Continue reading

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