Neurotic Owl

flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

The story continues. . .

Next up, time to get the fellowship together.  If it hurts you that I’m combining elements, please feel free to assume that Neurotic Owl has a nephew of the same name.

You guys, I know you know what’s going on right now with healthcare.  First, don’t panic.  It doesn’t help.  This thing is not going to pass tomorrow, or even next week, and even if it does, the Affordable Care Act remains in force for the rest of the year.  WE HAVE TIME TO WORK ON THIS.Second, call your senators.  They haven’t voted yet; make your voice heard.  Let them know that you’ll remember what they do at midterms (which are not that far away!).  Even if your senators are fucking assholes who don’t give half a shit about their costituents (like, say, MINE), call them.  Fax them.  Email them, send them postcards, whatever.  They’re scared of us whether they’ll admit it or not — keep the pressure up.

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