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Monthly Archives: March, 2016

Fear the wrath of Captain Floofy!

Mooch does this thing I can’t seem to catch with a camera in my hand, where he rears up on his hind legs with his front legs stretched out and … Continue reading

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Shake a tailfeather!

One of my friends found this glorious photo of a great horned owl being ADORABLY threatening: (Photo by Deanna Butler, found here.) . . . and pointed out that it looks … Continue reading

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And then I bought another doll.

I’ve been eyeing these Ever After High dolls for a while — some of them have really cool designs — but I couldn’t justify buying one just to have since … Continue reading

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I made a thing! A wee little thing.

This was going to be the post where I showed you the Ever After High doll I’ve been reworking, but I left her on my desk at work.  Luckily, I … Continue reading

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Wait, but now I’m picturing Kylo as Scar and Han as Mufasa and I know, the relationships don’t work, but *sob*

I’m really in and out lately, huh?  Well, the new computer is here, Photoshop is downloaded, the scanner is hooked up, so it’s time to get arting again. Speaking of … Continue reading

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I have seen the future, and it is FLUFFEH.

Remember back at the end of September, when a cat adopted me? So it’s been a while, and stuff has obviously changed.  Charlie is shrinking, which freaks me right out … Continue reading

March 10, 2016 · 1 Comment

An update and theatre news.

I still haven’t had the energy for drawing, which almost doesn’t matter since I also still don’t have a computer yet, but I do have some new fun toys and … Continue reading

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