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I have seen the future, and it is FLUFFEH.

Remember back at the end of September, when a cat adopted me?





So it’s been a while, and stuff has obviously changed.  Charlie is shrinking, which freaks me right out even though the vet did all the tests and EVERYTHING’S FINE.  He’s got skinny old man butt and a knobbly spine, though the rest of him is largely unchanged and still magical.  Mooch has grown A TON, which I’d be thrilled about if it wasn’t making it even more obvious that Charlie’s dwindling.  We’ve been together 11 years and I get another 6 or so if I’m lucky, and so seeing big healthy kitten next to still healthy but quickly ageing Charlie is just a little hard, ok?

Which isn’t to say I have any regrets at all, just to explain why I have mixed feelings about my giant Mooch.  Who, I’ve recently established, is almost definitely a Maine coon, so this may be only the beginning of his growth.

Whatever, if he gets too huge I shall make a cat saddle and let Charlie ride him about the apartment.

One comment on “I have seen the future, and it is FLUFFEH.

  1. CallMeLisa
    March 10, 2016

    So sweet ❤

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