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Monthly Archives: December, 2015

Victorians be long-winded, yo.

I feel like Ada Lovelace is having something of a moment and you Internet-savvy bitches definitely already know who she is, so just two little details today. Did everyone else … Continue reading

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Why make a man out of you when a woman can handle the job?

I’m sort of cheating here?  I mean, it’s my own rules, so whatever, but this is a mild bending of them. I think it’s common knowledge by now that Disney did … Continue reading

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Hedy Lamarr.

  Hedy Lamarr, yo.  Gorgeous onscreen vamp/brilliant inventor, because clearly just starring in 30 films, having two children, and getting married 6 times isn’t enough to fill a life, so … Continue reading

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And then I watched Steven Universe.

I started handing out presents to some of my friends last night, which means I can show you guys what I’ve been doing!  . . . sort of, because I … Continue reading

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An assemblage of AWESOME.

These are all up on Teepublic and Redbubble, btw.  Or you could just pick up a colouring book from Amazon and get 50 pages of drawings!  There, promotional duties fulfilled.

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Tying up loose ends.

Look, finished versions! Sojourner won’t load for some reason, but you saw the more finished version of her anyway.  

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SCARY art.

True story — my mom took me with her to a Frida Kahlo retrospective when I was maybe 7 years old?  And in her defense, she wasn’t actually familiar with … Continue reading

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