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Victorians be long-winded, yo.


I feel like Ada Lovelace is having something of a moment and you Internet-savvy bitches definitely already know who she is, so just two little details today.

Did everyone else know that she was Lord Byron’s daughter?  I somehow missed that tidbit.  I LOVE that her mom steered her towards mathematics to keep her from ending up like her crazy dick of a father.  (Although that fabulous hat/headpiece/hair assemblage is CLEARLY the batshit Byron blood coming out.  Ooh, alliterative.  I’m practically a poet and must go die in the Greek army now.)

{Sidenote: who thinks Byron cared less about Greek independence and more about those snazzy skirted, tasseled, pompom laden, behatted uniforms?  This girl.}

Also, Ms. Lovelace was Victorian, and therefore long-winded as FUCK.  I had a terrible time picking a quote because omg so many words please stop wording I do not have space for all those words.


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