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Why make a man out of you when a woman can handle the job?

I’m sort of cheating here?  I mean, it’s my own rules, so whatever, but this is a mild bending of them.

I think it’s common knowledge by now that Disney did not invent Mulan, but it’s questionable whether or not she actually existed.  She first appears in ‘The Ballad of Mulan’ in the 6th century CE, and that story is later expanded.  Since the Mulan story doesn’t have the historical inconsistencies of, say, King Arthur or Robin Hood, though, I’m going to assume she is historically based.  Hua is the most popular family name given for her, although there are several others.



So, went into the army to prevent her father elderly father from going; fought successfully for twelve years, receiving twelve promotions in rank; retired, turning down a title, and went back home to live with her father.  Mulan isn’t just about heroism on the battlefield, but about love and sacrifice.

Also, I totally used a photo of my cousin Amy for her face, so thanks!

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