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Monthly Archives: April, 2013

Buttercup McFoodytail’s cousin Steve is a douche. Also, I joined twitter.

For context’s sake, because occasionally I actually do provide context, The Bloggess asked people on Twitter to draw a unicorn and a girl making out just as I was checking … Continue reading

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This is for a friend, which is why the little hat, but I know more than a few IT folk. . .

So, true story, while I’m usually pretty self-sufficient with this glowing box I’m currently typing into, occasionally I need help.  And, okay, usually the thing I need help with is … Continue reading

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I actually didn’t have one of these nights last night, but I am all too familiar with them.

What do you guys do to turn off your brain?  My go-to is reading, but that has its own perils – if the book’s not good enough, I’ll keep getting … Continue reading

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Also, she’s pretty fond of Cap’n Tightpants. Not that way, though – she reserves her naughty feelings for uptight doctors.

Confused?  You should watch more Firefly.

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Saturday! Time for sparklies.

Among the many hobbies/crafts/idiosyncracies that have forced me to admit to Manic Pixie Dreamgirl tendencies is the fact that I make shrinky-dink jewelry.  Like this: Most of these are necklace … Continue reading

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By the way, I lurve P’s blue period. Also quite fond of the rose.

I don’t so much get Cubism; I mean, I get it, I understand what he was doing and why and it makes sense, it just doesn’t move me on an … Continue reading

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The unicorn asked that his face not be shown for personal reasons. His name is Buttercup McFoofytail, though, so I blame his parents.

. . . and nothing bad happens to him at all.  No, really.  This particular adventure has no horrible twist, other than the fact that he spent his delightful unicorn … Continue reading

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I honestly can’t figure out if I’ve posted this one yet or not.

I watched a fairly long opera last night, then got home to find a note on my door about apartment inspections starting today, so cue the 2-hour frantic cleaning binge, … Continue reading

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My bentos are neither this pretty nor this anthropomorphic.

So, still crampy and bleed-y, but not terribly nauseated today, so hooray!  On with the jollity! I haven’t been packing my usual adorable lunches that make my coworkers jealous lately, … Continue reading

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My tummy feels yucky.

It might be a short day at work for me if I don’t stop feeling like I’m about to throw up soon.  Or if the nausea gives way to blinding … Continue reading

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