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This is for a friend, which is why the little hat, but I know more than a few IT folk. . .


So, true story, while I’m usually pretty self-sufficient with this glowing box I’m currently typing into, occasionally I need help.  And, okay, usually the thing I need help with is a legitimate thing, as it was in the case that led to this drawing, but sometimes. . .

Sometimes I call ATT because my internet is down, and I’ve already rebooted it and the computer and nothing is woooorking and I want my Neeeetflix (whine, whine – not to the IT guy, mind, I’m not a bitch.  Internal whingeing only.) and we go through all sorts of things and he can’t figure out anything either, and we finally schedule a time two days from now for a tech to come to my house and I sigh and thank him.

And then I realize that the cat pulled the phone cord loose from the wall just enough that while it looks like it’s plugged in, it’s totally not.  And then I dope slap myself and call back to cancel the tech.

And I beam with pride at my incredible brilliance.

Also, I call IT at work all the damn time because my supervisors won’t let me try to fix anything myself, even if it’s just a simple hard restart, and inside I can feel my IT brother weeping bitter tears. That is, my actual brother, who does IT – I”m not calling all IT folk my brothers because that would be weird and also inaccurate  since many of them are womenfolk.  Hi, Ian!

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