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More faux historical nonsense.

So I realized what was missing and went back and added colour to all of these, which means now I’m committed to that and also that I’ve updated the last … Continue reading

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And then I made history teachers sad. Or happy. Something, anyway.

In case you wondered whether I’ll be attempting any sort of historical accuracy with this thing, NOPE.  I shall show a merry disregard for fact whenever it is inconvenient to … Continue reading

December 8, 2018 · 1 Comment


Sorry there’s no Storm or Nightcrawler, nobody seemed to suit them.  NOT SORRY about Jubilee.  Shooting sparkles from your hands is the ultimate MPDG mutation. I almost added Inappropriate Beaver … Continue reading

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May their memories be a blessing.

A rerun today because I do have goofy headpieces to show you, but I don’t feel like it right now.  Instead, some helpful hints re: non-Jews posting about the shooting. … Continue reading

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On owls and confusion.

So first, a wee little dice bag I put together for L’s birthday.  The owl panel is made from the same pattern as the afghan I made for her wedding; … Continue reading

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Ba-dum ba-dum, no but not really, please don’t freak ooooout, I’m talking to you A.

Wedding dress shopping just came up in conversation, that’s all.  I can’t even get my act together to brave the hideously murky waters of OK Cupid again, what makes you … Continue reading

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I blame opera. And Spinal Tap.

Very sleepy after dress rehearsal last night, but ‘Norma’ has me in a druid sort of mood.

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