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Just when you think the character this whole thing was created for is done, I randomly squirt out a couple more drawings.

Ew. Bad word choice. Imma leave it though, you can all suffer with me.

These were only slightly behind the times when I drew them the other day, and then I didn’t get around to posting them, so now I’m just an old man yelling at clouds. Buuuut in the meantime I threw some very half-assed colour at them in Photoshop so at least they’re fancy? By my standards, I mean, not like actually fancy.

Anyowl, dolls! The great doll purge continues (although it’s only a purge if some of them LEAVE MY APARTMENT) and I swear I have nice collectors’ pieces up on my Etsy, not just freaky possibly haunted rag dolls. I’m adding more, too, and mostly in lower price ranges. BUT. Do I try to sell this freaky little wall-eyed porcelain doll with a keychain in her head? Do I keep her and see whether I can remove her face and repaint her better? Whatever shall I do?

2 comments on “What? CARTOONS?

  1. Lisa B.
    January 26, 2021

    She’s rather sweet, for all that. Embrace her unfortunate disfigurement–add accessories! A sweet little eye patch, perhaps, or an eye chart clutched in her tiny hand subtly delivering an amusing message.

    If you were one for holiday decorating, I might suggest making your tree her new home. Personally, I have a passion for weird shit on my tree (Miss Havisham is my tree topper), and humor which makes no sense (my singing cowboy angel warthog is my favorite ornament).

    I have taken up randomly gifting odds and ends, as well. The guy who came to fix our internet left with a ceramic devilled egg plate in the form of a garden, complete with three-dimensional easter egg and bunny salt and pepper shakers.

    A panhandler staked out at a local traffic intersection recently received a small putti. His delighted guffaw sustains me.

  2. Lisa B.
    January 28, 2021

    As I can’t figure out a more appropriate way to bring this to your attention, I’m reduced to popping it in here (because I really, really think you’ll appreciate this kindred soul).

    The image that goes with the text is what I most wanted to show you, and of course I can’t get that part to stick.

    Instead, here’s the link:
    Erin M. Riley, “Reflections 4,” wool, cotton, 59 x 48 inches


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