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Sewing and offloading.

Hi all! And by all I mean like three people so hi to you, my occasional reader! I definitely did immediately go on and stitch another cartoon and can I just say that making tiny otter hands happen on Aida is HARD and also why do I draw so many curves what was I thinking.

There are definitely a few more of these coming, and again, if you want a chart let me know and I’ll upload one.

In other news I’m finally trying to sell off a lot of my old doll collection to better or at least less crowded homes. Apologies if you once upon a time gifted me one of these dolls, I loved them all (well, most of them) but they have had their time with me and should really be moving along. So if you know either a collector looking for a bargain (I think I’m pricing everything in the low-fair range) or just someone who likes weird stuff point them at my Etsy store please. Only 1 or 2 are haunted. Probably. Maybe.

Speaking of my Etsy store, the Neurotic Owl Tarot is nearly sold out and so that is probably the end of that. I have maybe three decks left at home, and I’ll want to keep at least one for myself, sooooo that’s about it. Another print run is unlikely; I’d really have to Kickstart (or some better platform for pre-order) it all over again and I don’t think there’d be enough interest given how many of the original backers were personal friends. I don’t have the ready cash to put in a minimum order without a lot of it being prepaid, and given how long it took to gradually sell off the remainder it wouldn’t make sense anyhow.

This is not a sad thing — I made the thing! Many people supported it! I am not stuck with boxes of unsold inventory forever! That’s pretty much how it was meant to go. I just wanted to let people know in case they were wondering when I’d restock (they probably weren’t teehee).

But seriously somebody take that haunted doll off my hands I want her gone the most.

One comment on “Sewing and offloading.

  1. Lisa B.
    January 24, 2021

    I read you! Often belatedly…

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