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Monthly Archives: April, 2018

Weekly thingy and a thing I learned.

Remember when I started playing with that stumpwork kit?  Well, I still have a bunch of leaves to tackle, but the butterfly, she is done! I’m actually tempted to stop … Continue reading

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I blame opera. And Spinal Tap.

Very sleepy after dress rehearsal last night, but ‘Norma’ has me in a druid sort of mood.

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Weekly thingy and a blast from the past.

Remember seventyleven years ago when I was having fun with the idea of drawing Jewish heroines as if they were Disney princesses? No? Me neither, almost.  I had a couple … Continue reading

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Doing stuff, learning stuff.

Thanks, ‘The Revisionist’!  After tech and previews, I’m going to know how to say good morning and good evening in Polish for the rest of my life. In other new … Continue reading

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Hallo, friends.

  I haven’t forgotten you guys, but tech week is a harsh mistress.  Want to know what I did for the last seven days? Saturday – Tech, 10-10 Sunday – … Continue reading

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7,000,000,000 uploads and reviews later (numbers exaggerated for dramatic effect) is done.  Is good, I think.  I hope you’re ready for 200 pages of densely packed twee and 200 pages … Continue reading

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I have the thing! I must improve the thing!

So the proof looks pretty good!  I’m happy with the cover and the print quality, but because the paper is fairly thin, I’m getting bleed through of the cartoons on … Continue reading

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