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I have the thing! I must improve the thing!

So the proof looks pretty good!  I’m happy with the cover and the print quality, but because the paper is fairly thin, I’m getting bleed through of the cartoons on the backs of pages.  Sooooo tonight was back to the formatting board so that I could insert a blank page between every page (time-consuming but ok), reformat the page numbers to only show on the pages with text (grrr hard but solvable), and change the numbering so that only the pages with numbers count (OMGOOODDDDD SO HARD WHY YOU HATE ME WORD).  Anyway, thank you Google for eventually answering my question in ways I could understand.  Also, since I had to go back in anyway, I added borders to the images that didn’t have them and one more bonus image.  So now to re-upload and wait for it to make it through file review.  I’m so close, y’all.  SO CLOSE.

Possible bonus or downside depending how you feel about it, this thing will now be a whopping 400 pages.  Good lord.

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