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Monthly Archives: October, 2013

Because dead things are better when they’re made of sugar and covered in pretty flowers.

I honestly wasn’t sure what to do for Halloween, since he’s already worn so many awesome costumes (although I just had a really awesomely meta idea that I will hopefully … Continue reading

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I also drew this one at the doctor’s office. I’m sure you’d have never guessed.

It’s surprisingly difficult to draw an owl sucking in his stomach without just making look like a thinner owl. Sorry, this in not my strongest, most body-positive self; I’m trying … Continue reading

October 30, 2013 · 1 Comment

Yay! More references to podcasts you may or may not be listening to!

Although really, if you’re reading this, I think the chances are excellent that you’re listening to ‘Welcome to Nightvale’, because apparently EVERYbody is. Anyway, don’t be confused by the neutral … Continue reading

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Not so coincidentally, the Die Fledermaus production we just opened is set in the 1930s.

Oh, for the days of lounging around the house sipping champagne in a bias silk robe with spectacular feather trim.  I know, I know, the thirties were only like that … Continue reading

October 28, 2013 · 3 Comments

Some things I learned this week. Or possibly just random babbling.

1. The phrase ‘tit wagon’ will never stop amusing me.  It came up at one of my jobs and led to a rolling giggle fit, and now it’s my new … Continue reading

October 28, 2013 · 3 Comments

I went to the doctor Tuesday, so I know just how he feels.

(In a fictional world where ‘he’ isn’t totally me.  Still have no idea why one of my alter egos ended up male.  Meh.) Anyway, doctors, eek.  It went well, I … Continue reading

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No big joke here. Just a thing I think she’d do.

One of my friends made a super awesome eensy weensy ‘Welcome to Nightvale’ zine, so there’s that. If you were wondering where I was the last few days (but you … Continue reading

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This is left over from the night we saw ‘Priscilla’, so now you know what song was in my head.

Unless he meets Joss Whedon, of course.  Or, apparently, George R.R. Martin.  Or possibly J.K. Rowling.  Dammit, writers, why must you kill the things I love? Except I can’t really … Continue reading

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Hey, look! A weekend post!

This should not be taken as a return to my previous daily posting, because I’m still super busy, but I have a few minutes while my pancakes dry (Don’t ask.  … Continue reading

October 21, 2013 · 2 Comments

Why don’t I own a hoodie? Oh, right, because I live in Texas.

Where it is just now cooling down, thank goodness, and it’s still super humid.  I don’t mind the moisture in the air when it’s cool out, but the summer is … Continue reading

October 18, 2013 · 1 Comment