Neurotic Owl

flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

No big joke here. Just a thing I think she’d do.


One of my friends made a super awesome eensy weensy ‘Welcome to Nightvale’ zine, so there’s that.

If you were wondering where I was the last few days (but you almost certainly weren’t), it’s a combination of opening an opera, designing a musical, and the computers at work being down for two days.  I mostly post on break at work, since that’s 15 minutes I can’t really use towards other pressing projects, and I just haven’t had time for anything outside of work hours.  For instance, yesterday I got up at 5:30 to get to the opera at 7:00, worked till 4:00, ran over to the other theatre I’m working for about 4:15, signed a contract, picked up a cheque, dropped off pancakes (someday I’ll explain), talked over a few issues, ran back downtown with a stop for gas and cash, met my mom for dinner, and went to the final dress rehearsal of Die Fledermaus, got home at 11:20, and got up again today at 5:45 (Sleeping in, yo!).  So really, even if the work computers hadn’t been down, this is the last unpublished cartoon I had queued, so unless I find a few minutes to scan and edit a few tonight, tomorrow’s post may be nothing but aimless rambling or links.

I don’t know, go read Boggle the Owl for a bit, maybe?  BTW, does it seem like I’m ripping those off?  I didn’t mean to.  I started drawing these long before I knew Boggle existed, but I feel like I seem like a copycat, even though it’s really just convergent thinking?  Different style, anyway, I just worry about these things.

Next you’ll tell me there’s a super-famous otter cartoon that I didn’t know about too.


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