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Ok, not finished because I need to choose a backing fabric and add a binding, but ze embroidery, she is done.

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Historical accuracy is for . . . well, me sometimes, but not today.


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I see you, vaguely-Johana-inspired lady!

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Kitty! And too many stars.

No, really, I think I went a little star crazy.

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Drawing is fun. Drawing repetitive patterns is the best. All work and no play makes Nara a dull girl.

But no, actually, I lurve doing this stuff.  K was watching me do the scales on the lizard and she was all, “ooh, tons of tiny scales, teehee” and then … Continue reading

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Guess what’s distracting me this week?

I’m nearly done with this project — everything except the shoe covers! — and I can’t show you much because it’s a commission for a friend and it will be … Continue reading

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And now a leetle story.

Some of you already know this.  Sorry. Once upon a time, in a land called my apartment, I was looking at Twitter to see whether it was really interesting enough … Continue reading

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