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The Mooch, page 4. Almost done!

I know, you’re supposed to keep them in separate rooms and introduce them gradually, but A: my apartment’s pretty wee, B: Charlie’s always been super friendly and never aggressive to … Continue reading

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The Mooch, page 3

I still have mixed feelings about this page. Sorry, hope it’s okay.

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The Mooch, page 2

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Road trip! In which we scare a cop with lady tears.

 Just to be clear, none of that crying and babbling was deliberate.  We had been on the road a long damn time and we were all pretty exhausted and miserable, … Continue reading

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I drew a thing!

Which is hardly news, I know. More importantly, I found the thing!  If you saw my freak out Friday, you know that I drew a special something for the Bloggess … Continue reading

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Road trip part three! O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A!

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Road trip, part two. In which I piss off Arkansans. Is that what they’re called?

I feel like somebody’s going to bitch at me about this, since I have no idea if jug bands are even a thing in Arkansas.  Look, I’m just telling you … Continue reading

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Road trip!

This is a set of little anecdotes about a road trip I went on in grad school with two friends (names are changed, but if you knew me in school, … Continue reading

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Comics for no reason!

There may or may not be posts coming for the rest of this week; I’ve started drawing a sort of mini-comic book about the time a giraffe stole my lunchbox, … Continue reading

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The Snow Queen (the other one)

 I asked this on Facebook already, but who’s read Joan D. Vinge’s ‘The Snow Queen’?  It’s a big juicy sci-fi novel based on the fairytale, and it’s pretty splendid.  I … Continue reading

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