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The Snow Queen! The original one, not the sci-if one. She’ll happen soon enough.

 Oh, so many things to say about this fairytale.  Genda is fantastic and perseveres gamely through everything to save her childhood friend, even though the last time she saw him, … Continue reading

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Again, two levels for this quote.  Again, not the dress she actually had on for this song.  It’s a companion piece!

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And then with the sads again.

 So I know this isn’t the outfit she wore during the song, but they so frequently made Tara super frumpy that I really wanted her to have her flattering (if … Continue reading

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A Wrinkle in Time.

 A couple of things – I know this one’s very simple compared to what I’ve been doing lately.  I did play with working in Aunt Beast, and the centaur-like creatures, … Continue reading

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Trigger warning?

So usually this is where, if you haven’t read the book, I say to do so, but there’s a caveat this time.  Robin McKinley’s Deerskin is an amazing and wonderful … Continue reading

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Aaaand back to books you may or may not have read.

 Because I assume everybody’s read ‘A Wrinkle in Time’, and OF COURSE Meg Murray’s on my list, but I don’t know how many people have read the other books, especially … Continue reading

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Ze paper dolls, zey are done!

I’m afraid the toy piano and the bells are just props, but everything else is holdable, if slightly awkwardly engineered.

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The rest of the outfits! Maybe. Probably. I don’t know.

  I’m not done yet, because I have a whole bunch of leetle instruments to draw, and the autoharp alone is going to take time.  There might be one more … Continue reading

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Moar outfits!

 And more to come tomorrow!

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Paper dolls! But unusually specific ones.

I told some friends I would do this AGES ago, but I was wrapped up in Tarot cards at the time and it’s taken me this long to circle back … Continue reading

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