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Weekly thingy and an Empress

First things first, I am once again asking you (insert Bernie here) to go check out the Alleyman’s Tarot, please. It’s a really cool project and the Kickstarter has been … Continue reading

April 24, 2021 · 1 Comment

Road trip. Shit gets real, yo.

I’ll be back with the ending, but not till the week after next.  I’m going to be out of pocket next week, so don’t expect to see anything here in … Continue reading

October 2, 2015 · Leave a comment

Road trip: The Downward Spiral.

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Road trip! In which we scare a cop with lady tears.

 Just to be clear, none of that crying and babbling was deliberate.  We had been on the road a long damn time and we were all pretty exhausted and miserable, … Continue reading

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I drew a thing!

Which is hardly news, I know. More importantly, I found the thing!  If you saw my freak out Friday, you know that I drew a special something for the Bloggess … Continue reading

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Tomorrow is for twee. Today is for NOPE.

The logic chain as I recall it:  Chatting with friends about the children’s opera I’m working on (one guess which one), and how disconcerting rehearsal was because the ‘Boy’ had … Continue reading

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The Snow Queen (the other one)

 I asked this on Facebook already, but who’s read Joan D. Vinge’s ‘The Snow Queen’?  It’s a big juicy sci-fi novel based on the fairytale, and it’s pretty splendid.  I … Continue reading

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A Wrinkle in Time.

 A couple of things – I know this one’s very simple compared to what I’ve been doing lately.  I did play with working in Aunt Beast, and the centaur-like creatures, … Continue reading

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He’s alive, dammit! It’s a miracle!

I’m not shilling for a certain Netflix series, but a friend suggested it and it just seemed perfect.

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And now, a leetle story.

AKA how Nara spent her Saturday morning.  Goodbye, $2.50.  I hope you go to a good cause, but it’ll probably just be the laundromat owners.

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